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Welcome to my new website showing some of the things I do all in one place, mostly bespoke furniture and joinery which is my main line of work, I also make scale models and replicas of peoples homes as well as resin and silicone work for all kinds of clients all over the UK including TV work, London Borough Council and The Roman Baths. I have two dedicated websites for this work at & I have also included a couple of my other hobbies (I'm lucky enough to be able to call my work as hobbies as well) which is Photography and Art and they all play a part in my work in some form or another, hope you enjoy. Geoff

Geoff Collard,

Unit 5,

Wansdyke Workshops,

Wellow Lane,

Peasedown St John,

Bath, Somerset,

BA2 8HD.


Tel...     01761 433857

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