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Welcome to my website where I have condensed all my various skills and hobbies, please click on the links above for more photos in category order

Ever since I was a small child I always I enjoyed making and drawing things, I remember looking out of the classroom window during a maths or history lesson daydreaming about what I would make when I got home until the teacher shouted and told me to get on with my work…


I now consider myself very lucky to be able to make a living making all sorts of things, the fact that when I finish my working day and have a creation to show for it whether it be a model, a piece of furniture or even a carved skeleton skull.


All things Wood

This is my main source of income and covers quite a wide spectrum from conservatories to fine furniture and finishing, I have never been one of these furniture snobs who only do one type of work, working with your hands is such a rewarding endeavour I have in the past been doing some fine veneering then having to pop out and sort a clients shed door, I believe in providing an excellent service to my clients and help sort out there problems, this ethos has given me a stress free life style where I never have bad payers and 95% of my work is recommendations. You can see more of my work on my furniture website



This still comes under the heading of making things but this could be made from any material and range from a Bronze Sword for the Roman Baths to Channel 4’s Restoration Nightmares with Sarah Beeney where I had to make a 13 foot model of Rise Hall for the 2nd series.

The strangest time was when I had a full size conservatory roof in the workshop as well as a scale model conservatory I was making for a double glazing firm.

You can see more of my model work at



Painting is one of those passions I love to do but find little time to do it with so many other things going on, but when I do get the easel out I tend to do several paintings in a row, I love doing pet portraits with oil on canvas, I like trying out other mediums and will post on this site when I have time.


I have been doing photography on and off since I was at school when we used to go to after the school photography club, my first camera was an Agfa Tramp but quickly bought a Miranda 35mm SLR but in 2000 it was time upgraded to  the futuristic Ricoh RDC-7 which was brilliant and at 3mp against most 2mp cameras of that time was impressive especially with the swivel view screen. I have a page you can view some of my photos


are all the above plus cycling and golf, I had to give up archery as there was no time left but really enjoyed the 8 years experience I had especially making my own longbow and letting my own arrows loose for the first time

2010 - present
2010 - present
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